Monday, March 22, 2010

Didn't your mother ever tell you...

This post is about socks and stockings. A subject I've been meaning to get around to for a while, but somehow continues to slip my mind. Many others have the same frame of mind as me regarding socks, meaning they are frequently forgotten, mismatched or clash with shoes/pants. 

I, too, am guilty of forgetting stockings, socks and all of the above. Exhibit A. I often wear flats and bare feet in the Winter. Inappropriate? Absolutely. Do I care? Honestly, not really. 

That being said, in an office environment, please refrain from making the no-sock mistake.

Common errors include:

1. Wearing no socks at all - This will look silly, particularly in the Winter when your ankles and feet are at their absolute palest. Also, your shoes will acquire an odour almost immediately sans socks.

2. Wearing brown socks with black shoes - Please, no. This looks horrible. And yes, people do notice. I know what you're thinking in the morning, "Who could possibly notice the colour of my socks?" Trust me, people notice. And they most definitely WILL comment. 

3. Wearing pants so short (aka floods) that you can always see your socks - This trend is equally as bad as wearing no socks at all. 

4. WOMEN: In the Fall/Winter seasons, you must always wear stockings with skirts and dresses. Please refer to post #1: Attention: This is NOT the bar.
Lesson: Wear socks. Not just any socks, but socks that match your shoes. 

Thank you and Goodnight.


  1. I hate socks. I'm sorry danielle but I can't stand them. I always wear my shoes without them.

  2. i am wearing black socks with brown shoes right now... while at work, reading and laughing at your blog.

    love mike