Thursday, March 4, 2010

If the SUIT fits

Every single one of us has a different body type. I'm not talking just about women - men should absolutely be taking note of the topic at hand. 

Tailoring is necessary if you want your clothes to fit perfectly and look fabulous. Unfortunately, when designers began mass-producing to reach wider audiences, we were all designated "sizes." As I mentioned before, not one of us shares the same body; sure, our bodies can have types, but that hardly means that a size 6 on me will have the same fit and look on another size 6 woman. Why? Because our bodies are different

Not one person I know enjoys watching a coworker fidget with their clothes, particularly if he or she is presenting to a client. The constant adjusting is a distraction for all parties involved and takes away from what is being said. As a presenter, you will both feel and look better if your pants are hemmed, your sleeves are shortened,  your skirt is taken in, etc. What is the point in spending money on a great piece if it isn't flattering you to it's full potential?

This is where tailoring becomes critical. Finding a knowledgeable, talented tailor can be challenging, and in my experience the best tailors work in small, family run businesses rather than chains located in malls across the country. 

I know some people are against tailoring due to cost, but I can honestly tell you that having a great tailor is priceless. Also, you might be under the misconception that tailors are pricier than they actually are (of course, price will range based on the work you are having done). 
Next time you're shopping and something you love doesn't fit quite right, remember, "I can take this to a tailor!" Most off-the-rack items aren't going to fit you properly, so keep this post in mind and turn that mediocre piece into a wardrobe favourite by having it tailored!


  1. I try to remind myself of this all the time. Tailors are key. I need to make that my shopping mantra.

  2. Tailors are the key to every one's perfect wardrobe. I remember a quote from the famous supermodel Iman, who said that every piece in her wardrobe is tailored to fit her body. Not a single piece of clothing that she owns does not go through the sewing machine of a tailor to ensure that it complements her body. I thought it a very chic quality. Hopefully one day I can have the finances to allow for such meticulous care for my clothing!

  3. I do not know if this blog was directed at guys you know but right now I do not have a tailor. I do know someone named Taylor but they spell it differently. I just hope my clothes fit.


    hahaha. too funny! By the way, can you recommend a good taylor for me? You know, one that won't feel me up?haha

  5. I completely agree with this post, and I actually think it is more directed to guys than girls. I think that every man should have at least one tailor made suit for his collection. Just a classic one where all the pieces can be worn with something else to give it a whole new look. Once a man has that suit they know fits them perfectly then they will know how the off the rack clothing is supposed to fit. Great advise Danielle, I am definitely going to keep up with this blog.

  6. My issue is this...
    Instead of saying...
    "My size is gone? There is only two sizes up left? Golly-gee, better luck next time"

    I actually say...
    "My size is gone? There is only two sizes up left? Alright, I will get it anyways and hope my tailor can fix it!"

    And when they try their darndest and it still doesn't look amazing (because it was WAY too big in the begining) I am out extra money... rats!

  7. I was extremely happy to scroll down and see that youtube video, Danielle!! While I was reading the first couple of paragraphs, that episode immediately came to mind. I'm a Friends freak,I'll admit. On the flip side, great blog, great writing, great advice!!

  8. I am a firm believer in tailoring clothes especially because most of the clothes found within stores these days are tailored to fit "store-models". As we all are approaching the "real-world" it is important that we find clothes that fit us appropriately, because appearance says everything!

  9. Hmmm, I need a taylor. Great advice! By the time I get a suit jacket I can close over chest...the sleaves are down to my knees and the shoulder are half way down to my elbows.

  10. A well-tailored, customized suit is a good feeling piece of clothing. I've had both - the make-shift buy and go scenario and the tailored kind. Knowing that a suit fits just dandy also gives a lad confidence.