Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is here! You know what that means...

Other than warm weather, good moods and cocktails on the patio, Spring has one more pleasant attribute to share with us. That's right friends, it is time for a season filled with new trends! Always a season filled with excitement and enthusiasm, springtime has the ability to refresh those of us who have been hiding in the shadows all Winter, ready to emerge with a positive outlook and, of course, a cute new wardrobe. 

Upon further thought, I decided I would benefit from consulting my best friend and most trusted companion before publishing this post. We sat down over a nice cup of coffee while I researched what trends should be shared, and which mistakes should be left on the runways. I will now divulge the secrets that my life partner, Vogue, has confided in me. 

Please visit the Vogue website for further details on trends, accessories, news and advice.

Trend #1: The trench 

Trend #2: Personal Dressing - mix and match with patterns and textures that have not traditionally been complemented one another. 

Trend #3: Lingerie - don't be shy to wear a sheer blouse or a feminine corset. Note: there is a very fine line between sexy and trashy. 

Trend #4: Tribal

Trend #5: Utility Jacket - this is the year to imitate your boyfriend's wardrobe. First came the boyfriend blazer, now this masculine, structured military jacket. 

Trend #6: Shorts

Trend #7: Natural Shades

Trend #8: Leather - Stick to the trend of natural shades. Blacks should be replaced with browns and beiges this season.

Trend #9: Sporty - I am personally not feeling this trend. Sporty doesn't work for me. 

Trend #10: The Floaty Dress - A favourite. Nothing will make you feel more girly than a long, silk dress.
Remember....Anna is always watching. 


  1. I am just going to have to teach you the wonderful ways of LuLu!!! The sporty trend is amazing!

  2. I love spring! I cannot wait wear my new spring/summer clothes and pull out some old favourites too. I have always loved the military inspired jackets and need to replace mine. Off to the mall I go!

  3. i have none of these trends

    good excuse to go shopping.